Not all serums produce the desired effect you want or that they pledge. Some products are more effective than others. You need to do your research and consult reviews to determine which product will serve your needs.

Rapid Lash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a topical product that contains all natural compounds and vitamins and no harsh chemicals. It accelerates growth and offers the potential to strengthen lashes and brows with quality ingredients. It enhances the protection of fragile lashes to prevent breakage. It improves the texture and volume, while encouraging growth of lashes and brows.

It is to be applied every night to the base of lash line like an eyeliner, There should be significant results within 3 weeks. Avoid getting any into the eye. Flush immediately if this happens. Rapidlash reviews indicate there was a fair amount of testing but there needs to be more.

There are many good customer reviews and a FAQ section of the product’s website. Customers reported that their lashes became thicker and longer during the first 6 months. However, some complained that, after 6 months of use, there was some breakage at the sixth month. Those who stayed with the product stated that, though they grew back, their length and thickness were not as nice as that first experience.

The quality of ingredients is high with an in depth list that gives definitions. This serum is a good value since it is equally as effective as more expensive products but is at the lower end of the price list There is no money back guarantee. It is recommended for use by both men and women. It falls at the lower end of the price spectrum which is good news for the budget conscious.

There were some unwanted side effects that ranged from minor, such as irritation, blurred vision, itching and redness, to darkening of eyelid skin and iris or dark under-eye circles. Some reported that those dark circles lasted for weeks, even after use of the product was discontinued.

There were no proper trials or clinical research to prove the product’s safety or effectiveness. Photos are scarce with little information about the company. It needs more clinical research.